Melina’s Dancing Garden

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to photograph images for Melina’s Dancing Garden.

What a wonderful dance studio in Lorton, VA! I spent two days with its owner, Windy, capturing little moments during her classes. If you haven’t met Windy, you need to. She is warm, caring, and passionate about her students. You can see how much her students love her just by watching them.

She loves dance and it shows in her teaching. She cares about her students developing into good people not just good dancers.

As the quote on her wall says, she hopes to instill in them the ability to dream so that “Believing is Seeing.”

Check out the studio’s website here or stop by the studio in Lorton Station.

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  1. Caren Voeller March 9, 2015 at 2:02 pm #

    Lael – These photos really came out wonderfully even when you had some challenges to address.

    The first one really works to lure you into the scene. It is like a theater curtain being curled back. I love the windows at the top of the image- it is such a character of quietness.
    For the next one, I like that the toe shoes are at the same angle as the figures. The fact that she had those squares marked out for the dancers makes a strong frame to the photo. All of the lines and interesting and it is cook that not all of the spots are filled.
    These are great cute faces and lovely that they are not all in the same outfit.
    I also like that she is paying attention to the kids in the next photo. Practicing what she preaches.
    The one where they all have their arms up has great lines, shadows and reflections as well. It shows how difficult it is to get all dancers in the exact same pose.
    Of course, the next photo is three little angels.
    The angle of this one is really great since it is not traditional. It meshes with their pose also which is a diagonal pose and harder to execute.
    So – touchee! I am not sure if this was your intent but this is what I found to enjoy.

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