As soon as I met this family, my first thought was joy. They are so joyful and happy to be with each other. You cannot help but truly enjoy being with them.


We filled the afternoon with many of the activities that they love to do as a family. They have a great playground a few blocks from their home. We walked over and played on the train and swings.

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Then, we took over the basketball court for a bit.


This little man loved to encourage his parents to dribble the ball.


Playing so hard made everyone thirsty so we headed for the local grocery store just a few blocks over.



Down the stairs from the grocery store, there was an art park with tables, chairs, coffee shop and a splash pad. Hanging out with this family made me want to move to Arlington. đŸ™‚ They even had a library across the street  from their place. The best part about all those places to go was it made for a lot of great photo opportunities and variety in activities.

Including trying to keep everyone dry at  the splash pad.


And eventually just embrace the moment and risk of getting wet.


After all that fun, it was getting close to nap time so we headed for home and sat down for story time.

Mayo-9455 Mayo-9432



Then snuggles.


And finally sleep.


As a mom too, these simple everyday moments are the images I don’t want to forget. My baby is now a toddler and my toddler is now a preschooler. The time flies. I want to remember to cherish these moments. I want to remember to truly enjoy my boys as these parents love and enjoy their son. Even more so, I love that their son will be able to enjoy these photos as he grows and see the love of his parents captured in these images.

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