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Since moving to Washington state, I have been keeping an eye out for spider webs. They seem to be everywhere. And at sunset with some beautiful backlight, they can be stunning.

untitled-2373 untitled-2369 untitled-2302

One afternoon, I happened to find a spider web with a spider above the stairs to my patio. Most people’s reaction would have been to recoil in fear. I ran for the camera. And when my son broke a part of the web and the spider went gliding through the air the images got even better. For those of you terrified of spiders these may not be your cup of tea. For the rest of you, enjoy!untitled-2353 untitled-2354untitled-2364 untitled-2359

New Years Day

What a great way to start the new year! I had the joy of spending the morning of New Years Day with this beautiful family and their new baby girl. They are truly beautiful inside and out. We had a great time playing, snuggling, and even some jumping on the bed with big sister.





CamilleCollage3 CamilleCollage4


Kalamajka-86 Kalamajka-91 Kalamajka-94 Kalamajka-105



As soon as I met this family, my first thought was joy. They are so joyful and happy to be with each other. You cannot help but truly enjoy being with them.


We filled the afternoon with many of the activities that they love to do as a family. They have a great playground a few blocks from their home. We walked over and played on the train and swings.

Mayo-8940 Mayo-8931 Mayo-8866

Then, we took over the basketball court for a bit.


This little man loved to encourage his parents to dribble the ball.


Playing so hard made everyone thirsty so we headed for the local grocery store just a few blocks over.



Down the stairs from the grocery store, there was an art park with tables, chairs, coffee shop and a splash pad. Hanging out with this family made me want to move to Arlington. đŸ™‚ They even had a library across the street  from their place. The best part about all those places to go was it made for a lot of great photo opportunities and variety in activities.

Including trying to keep everyone dry at  the splash pad.


And eventually just embrace the moment and risk of getting wet.


After all that fun, it was getting close to nap time so we headed for home and sat down for story time.

Mayo-9455 Mayo-9432



Then snuggles.


And finally sleep.


As a mom too, these simple everyday moments are the images I don’t want to forget. My baby is now a toddler and my toddler is now a preschooler. The time flies. I want to remember to cherish these moments. I want to remember to truly enjoy my boys as these parents love and enjoy their son. Even more so, I love that their son will be able to enjoy these photos as he grows and see the love of his parents captured in these images.

Littlest Sister



As you can tell, I am far behind in blogging my sessions. Time to get back at it. And to start things off, we have this beautiful family.


Last Spring, Grandma or Nonna was returning home to Italy and they wanted photos of all three generations. It was delight to capture the relationship between Nonna and all her girls. She adores her daughter and little granddaughters so much. Their warmth and love for each other made you want to join in the fun. They were so welcoming and gracious. We started off with family portraits and then moved to my favorite part which is watching them do life together.

Sharing a cupcake…


changing diapers…



collage 3



and trying to get babies to nap while entertaining their older sibling and getting dinner on the table…so real life.


What a gift to be able to document grandparents with their grandchildren.

One more thing, they also own a villa in Italy that you can rent. Now, I just need to figure out a time to go. If you’re interested check out their Facebook page here.

Bedknobs and Caterpillars

We enjoyed a quiet holiday weekend here. The big guy upgraded to a twin bed from his toddler bed on Saturday. We ran to Ikea and then the boys enjoyed “helping” daddy put the new bed together.

PicMonkey Collage



After celebrating Christ’s resurrection at Easter service on Sunday, we enjoyed the warm weather (finally!) by observing the caterpillars on the front porch.

Caterpillar Collage


I hope you all had a blessed and happy Easter and Passover weekend.

Sweet Baby Girl

Newborns are the best. Getting to take pictures of your friends’ new babies is one of the greatest joys of being a photographer for me. Last weekend, I spent the afternoon with some dear friends of mine taking photos of their newest addition. This little girl will be well looked after with two older brothers keeping watch. What a joy she already is for this wonderful family!








Melina’s Dancing Garden

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to photograph images for Melina’s Dancing Garden.

What a wonderful dance studio in Lorton, VA! I spent two days with its owner, Windy, capturing little moments during her classes. If you haven’t met Windy, you need to. She is warm, caring, and passionate about her students. You can see how much her students love her just by watching them.

She loves dance and it shows in her teaching. She cares about her students developing into good people not just good dancers.

As the quote on her wall says, she hopes to instill in them the ability to dream so that “Believing is Seeing.”

Check out the studio’s website here or stop by the studio in Lorton Station.

Welcome Home!

This past weekend I had the honor to photograph a submarine homecoming for some friends of mine. What a rush of excitement and joy for all involved! Their husbands had been away for six long months with little to no contact for much of the time. Needless to say I felt honored and nervous to be asked to document such a momentous occasion for them.











While waiting for my friends’ husbands to get off the boat, I ran into these sweet moments on the pier.

Sub’s first kiss winner:


And this adorable dog that was so excited to be reunited.



Decorating for the Holidays

We decided to get a head start on decorating for the holidays this year. The day after Thanksgiving we dragged all three of our Christmas decoration boxes up from the basement and set to work. Our older son was just old enough to help put the ornaments on the tree, while our younger son was just old enough to pull the ornaments off the tree. Despite a few ornaments broken and some crying we managed to decorate for Christmas. The best part continues to be capturing the wonder in our little ones’ eyes as they look at it all.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I hope you had a blessed and relaxing Thanksgiving like we did. How about you? Have you broken out the holiday decorations yet or do you prefer to wait?